Greensboro Well Pump Service

Winston-Salem, High Point Well Pump Service


ell pump service is necessary in many rural North Carolina homes that use a well instead of city water. In Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, and Burlington, it’s fairly common to see well pumps in suburban homes as well. For these folks, it’s important to find a company they can trust to perform proper well pump service. Progressive Service Company is the Triad’s most trusted name in well pump installation and repair.

Regular well pump service will keep it running efficiently and prevent costly repairs in the future. There are different types of well pumps, though we typically work with jet pumps and submersible pumps.

For a flat-rate well pump installation or repair, contact the experts at Progressive Service Company in the Triad today by calling (877) 325-0180.

Well Pump Installation

If you have a new construction home or business that requires a brand new well pump, call Progressive for the quickest well pump installation in the Triad. Our team can run a full assessment on your home to determine:

  • How much water your home uses
  • What well pump is best for you
  • What permits you will need

Once we have a well pump installation plan, the team will work quickly to get the new pump up and running. When it comes to well pump installation in the Triad, only Progressive can bring you everything you need.


Well Pump Repair & Maintenance

Calling for well pump repair is not a happy moment. If you live in an agricultural community, constant water runoff can drag unpleasant chemicals and pollutants into your home. That is why Progressive Service Company strongly urges all customers in the Triad area to call today for regular well pump maintenance.

If you are faced with a damaged or broken well pump, Progressive can:

  • Perform emergency repairs
  • Provide water damage restoration services
  • Take preventative measures to prevent future emergencies

Whether your well pump is leaking or not, it is always a good idea to have it maintained. Contact Progressive in the Triad area today by calling (877) 325-0180 or completing a brief contact form.